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In today’s digital age, not understanding your analytics is missing opportunities. What are your highest performance acquisition channels? Are people dropping off from your site, and if so, where? If you don’t know the answers to these questions, you could be missing powerful insights into how your business operates. Data Analysis isn’t just about metrics going up with growth, but it’s the power in your hands to make informed and proven strategies to improve your business based on hard data.

Big Wheel Marketing have Google accredited digital marketers who each possess certificates in the Google Suite, including Google Analytics 4, Google’s premier Analytics service that tracks everything users do on your site.


Do you need help determining an appropriate service or want to learn how to track your progress through GA4? Well, look no further!

We at Big Wheel have developed our simple Knowledge Tests [TBC]. This test takes no longer than 5 minutes and gauges your current Data Analysis skill level. We even recommend a tailored package afterwards to enhance your current strategies.

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base data analysis services

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Google Analytics Audit

Auditing your data based on your needs helps you ensure that what is being reported to you is not only accurate, but reliable, and relevant to you.

Advanced Measurements

Go beyond basic metrics. Take your data analysis to the next level by tracking your users across multiple different channels and touchpoints.

Google Suite Implementation

Google have some of the most powerful marketing tools online. Not allowing us to add tools such as Ads, Analytics, or Search Console to your business is a missed opportunity.

Charts & Reports

Learn how to visually represent your data. Rather than sifting through raw data all the time, get right to the heart of your business with the metrics that matter most to you.

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Additional Services

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Search Engine Optimisation

To help visualise your data measurements, charts (funnel and path exploration) and a Looker Studio report are set up.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

Advanced measurements are set up in Tag Manager, these involve Phone & Email Clicks, Sign up & Newsletter Sign Up, and E-commerce Tags.


Digital Knowledge Transfer is all about digital self-empowerment. It is the most important service a digital marketing agency can provide today, in our opinion, and that’s why we offer it at the forefront to all other services we offer. Big Wheel has developed a series of programs providing e-commerce and digital marketing knowledge transfer into your business. This enables your team to become sufficiently skilled and empowered to handle their digital marketing plans with minimal or even zero assistance from third-party agencies.

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