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Web Development

A good website makes the most important impression during your customers’ journey. It’s your online storefront and the place to deliver all your messaging. You want it to reflect who you are, and you want it to look professional. The Big Wheel Marketing team also have expertise in website development, specialising in WordPress and Shopify sites. We have a focus on brand messaging and user experience that will blow your customer base away when they first log on.

Our most central ethos is that we don’t build complicated, custom-built websites that can only be edited by the original web developers, locking you into a retainership or lose access to everything. We build simple-to-understand websites and then give you the keys to the castle. We’ll still be there to help, but all the control is with you.


Are you curious about the effectiveness of your current website, or want to create a site as individual as your business? Well, look no further!

We at Big Wheel have developed our simple Knowledge Tests [TBC]. This test takes no longer than 5 minutes and gauges your current Web Development skill level. We even recommend a tailored package afterwards to enhance your current strategies.

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Digital Marketing Services

Concept & Goals Creation

Develop your vision and understand what your piece of content will be all about. A video should reflect who you are, and what you want to accomplish.

Wireframes & UI/UX Design

We’ll focus on creating an effective and user-friendly digital experience. Your website will be a sleek, polished and interactive representation of your brand.

User Testing

We’ll conduct thorough testing to ensure the website functions as intended across different browsers, devices, and operating systems. You won’t have to worry.

Information Gathering

We’ll work to gather all of the relevant information to understand your goals more thoroughly, including your target audience and functionality needs.


We’ll develop the websites front end to specifications, including any coding to the visual design, layout, and interactive elements you might require.

Website Launch

When the website is ready, we’ll handle all the launch requirements, including web hosting, proper file organization, and SSL Certs, among others.


Digital Knowledge Transfer is all about digital self-empowerment. It is the most important service a digital marketing agency can provide today, in our opinion, and that’s why we offer it at the forefront to all other services we offer. Big Wheel has developed a series of programs providing e-commerce and digital marketing knowledge transfer into your business. This enables your team to become sufficiently skilled and empowered to handle their digital marketing plans with minimal or even zero assistance from third-party agencies.

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