Project Description

Kenmare Foodie is a prime example of our Digital Strategy Service.

Big Wheel and Kenmare Foodie agreed on deliverables for the project to create a clear posting plan and to generate sales and subsequently, personas (target audiences) and a customer value proposition (CVP) were created and discussed. A CVP is a document that details the selling points of a brand which are the foundation of a social media calendar. These points are incorporated into categories for the calendar to ensure a balanced online presence.

The social media channels of the campaign were chosen: Google Ads and Meta. Google Ads were set up: Display Ads and Search Ads, and audiences were constructed in Meta. Content was created to advertise Kenmare Foodie, this included: video ads, web banners, & display ads.

Market Sector



Generate Leads

Project Details


This service includes

Business Goals Creation

Social Media Calendar

Channel Strategy

Setting up Paid Campaigns

Other Channels

ROI Measurement

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Big Wheel executed display advertising services for Sorocco. 

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