Project Description

Killary Fjord is a prime example of our Data Measurement Service.

Big Wheel and Killary Fjord agreed on deliverables for the project - to increase engagement and web traffic and amplify awareness. Subsequently, a Google Analytics Audit is created. This details the UA account information, plans the structure of the GA4 account and the events that need to be mitigated. A Google Suite is then implemented, this includes Google Ads, Google Tag Manager, Google Search Console, and BigQuery. Advanced measurements are then set up in Tag Manager, these involve Phone & Email Clicks, Sign up & Newsletter Sign Up, and E-commerce Tags.

To help visualise these measurements, charts (funnel and path exploration) and a Looker Studio report are set up. After, a training call was established on how to utilise the measurement platforms.

Market Sector



Generate Leads

Project Details


This service includes

Business Goals Creation

Google Analytics Audit

Google Suite Implementation

Advanced Measurements Set Up

Dashboard Charts & Reports

Training Call

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Big Wheel executed display advertising services for Sorocco. 

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