Project Description

StevinRock is a prime example of our Web Development Service.

We have a proven track record of delivering exceptional projects for clients across various industries, including renowned global brands. Our extensive experience in this field sets us apart from the competition.

Big Wheel and StevinRock agreed on deliverables for the project, and began the Information Gathering phase - this inlcudes defining project goals, a Customer Value Proposition (CPV), and target audience. Wireframes and interactive mockups were created to finalise the design. Content was gathered and created to host on the website - this included copywriting, images, video, and blog posts.

The website was created on __ and user testing ensued to ensure that the site was functional and easy to navigate. The website was launched and can be found at the link below.

Market Sector



Generate Leads

Project Details


This service includes

Concept & Goals Creation

Information Gathering

Wireframes & UI /UX Design


User Testing

Website Launch

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Big Wheel executed display advertising services for Sorocco.Ā 

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